Communication is key in comfort and growth. At Small Characters we plan to fine tune our communication skills and skills in social interaction. Our Weekly themes are centered around the ideas of respect, manners, sportsmanship, and social interaction.

There is always going to be things in life that bring you down. Obviously, children don’t have the experiences that adults do each and every day, but that does not mean that they don’t have worries and things that make them sad and upset. At Small Characters, we thrive to focus on the positive aspects of every day and realize that there is always good around you that can get you through the bad. Smiling makes you live longer and we plan to smile quite often!

Arts and crafts have unfortunately found their way out of the primary educational subjects. At Small Characters, we realize that we can just enhance it in our programs to make sure that it is still in the lives of children!

Children spend all school year in a structured classroom and a very strict schedule filled with learning. While we realize that structure is essential, here at Small Characters we have a structure that allows freedom and experience. Gross Motor and Fine Motor activities in PE class have faded steadily throughout the years, but we do our best to provide a multitude of Active games and activities! Sports and movement are what children should do each and every day and the staff at Small Characters will be right there with them running and jumping around in all of our programs!

Music is an amazing thing that can change your entire day just by listening to your favorite song! We want to build the musical experiences of the children by providing dance classes and other fun activities with music everywhere! Ask us for more details about Hip Hop classes!

Nutrition and healthy living is an important part of a successful life and long life. We will do our best to always provide nutritious options for snacks that we provide and will always stress a healthier lifestyle! Being healthy is about what you eat, how often you move, and how you see your daily successes and struggles. At Small Characters, we plan to have a positive outlook on all that we do and to have the children constantly moving and playing in order to encourage healthy living!