Open Positions

SUMMER CAMP Team Leader & Team Aid!

General Expectations:

As a Team Leader you are expected to interact with the children throughout the day while you are here. You need to play games, create games, and encourage the kids to show good behavior and respect while having fun. For Before and After school days and field trip or park days, you will be in charge of a group of children and will have to drive one of the passenger vans. We will check your driving record and you will be held to very high expectations for your driving and for the safety of the children. As a Team Leader, you have experience working with groups of children and will be expected to keep control and maintain a structure for the kids in all situations. If there is an issue and you see it, make sure it is resolved and all the children that are involved understand what happened and why it needs to be changed. For a Team Aid, you are expected to interact with the children and set up activities and games just like a Team Leader. You will not be able to be left alone with a group of kids though. Team Aids are usually new to the daycare industry and still need to gain experience through working.


Daily Tasks: (Expected but not limited to)

  1. Track your time through each day.
  2. Lead crafts and gross motor activities each day with the kids.
  3. Close and committed guidance for the kids throughout the day; making sure everyone is safe, respectful, and having fun.
  4. Get the First Aid Kit and Field Trip Notebook for any trips that we take away from the center.
  5. Sanitize our eating areas throughout the day.
  6. Consistently maintain the Accountability Chart for each and every child that attends the center.
  7. Drive safely and carefully at all times!!  Please NOTE that you will be financially penalized for any driving violations. (Team Aids do not drive)

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to